If You Suppose Your Speech is Normal

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20 year old college student from Michigan. IB survivor, dinosaur enthusiast, geographer.


    you are no fun. literally none of the fun. 

    — 5 days ago
    #subtweet?  #roommates  #marie does college 

    also there are way more girls on my hey sexy tag than i thought there were

    — 1 week ago
    #mostly straight  #but not entirely 

    one time Harry asked me if i have a ‘type’ like my preferred attractive male features and i was like ‘no i have no idea what you’re talking about i don’t really have a type i don’t think’ but i was just looking through my hey sexy tag and i totally have a type and it’s so obvious how did i never notice this about myself before

    — 1 week ago
    #self revelations  #today